Sunday, June 13, 2010

high key over!

it's been super long since i updated my blog n i think not alot of ppl read it but it's ok. i'll just update for fun, this is a super short update. haha..

high key events has finally ended! i've thrown grenade, shoot live rounds and finish my field camp! now all that is left is more n more physical training to make us fit again. woo!!!!

3 more weeks to POP oh!! woohoo!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

the longrun

finally updating my blog again. woohoo! i sent my lappy for repair last fri n the person said thaat i would get it back this fri but alas, they msg me n said it'll take a while more for my laptop to be fully repaired. so... i needed to wait. fuck. haha.. so being the itchy backside who cannot stay at home, i went out to meet kana, amanda n wira for a game of L4D2! n also to take back my camera (Siti Fuji) from kana.

so yeah, basically this is wat i did this weekend!

8th may 2010:

4.45am: go sleep
10.15am: wake up, shit shower n shave
11.00am -12.00pm: have breakfast n watch spongebob squarepants on Okto
12.00 -1.00pm: cut hair, bought stuffs, take passport photo, check for salary. woohoo!
1.00pm - 2.00pm: do some exercises, pushups, toe touch, etc.
2.00pm - 2.45pm: shower, pray, went out of the house to meet kana, amanda n wira at parklane, bought cookies to eat
3.00pm - 5.00pm: play L4D2 at parklane! \m/
5.00pm - 8.30pm: walk2 around orchard road, heeren, ate beef fried rice at far east plaza
8.30pm - 10.30pm: went to ikea at queensway coz amanda wanted to get something n i bought an ice cream from the ikea. very nice! fattening n creamy. yum2!
10.30pm - 11.30pm: went back to parklane to play L4D2, ROUND 2!!!!!
11.30pm - 12.00am: took a bus back home but halfway me n kana drop off with amanda at boonkeng coz kana n me didn't wana go home yet
12.00am - 1.00am: me n kana wanted to go to boonkeng mcdonalds but it was full so we decided to lepak at the basketball court behind the mac. we found a basketball there n since no one was around, we took it n play with it
1.00am - 2.00am: went to the fitness corner near the basketball court n do some exercise n pumping to distress ourselves coz me n kana had some shit problems going on in our head n we just gotta sweat it out
2.00am - 2.30am: jinkun came to join us n we sat at the fitness corner talking about ns life
3.00am - 4.30am: the 3 of us walked down to a coffeeshop called adam's corner n ate prata plaster, french fries, drinking sarsi n ice lemon tea n just sat talking about life n all
4.30am - 5.30am: walked aimlessly around some neighbourhood while killing time to wait for the 1st bus back home. ended up sitting at a playground. haha
5.30am - 6.00am: wait for the bus n i fell asleep at the bus stop. xD kana took the first bus back home n me n kun continued walking to our homes.
6.30am: reach home, showered n pray the subuh prayers
7.00am: turn on mom's laptop n check my facebook for updates
7.30am - 8..30am: updating my blog n walaa! it's done!

8.35am: now my eyes are so tireddd n i can barely open them. so i'll take my leave for now. see u guys again soon! \m/

Friday, April 23, 2010


finally! after so long, i'm beginning to update this dead thing called a blog. haha.. n today i get to book out on friday!!! usually on saturday la. hahaha

it's been nearly 1 month since i update it and on 25th apr, i'm officially 2 months in ns. training has been fun n quite shag, well, army mah. cnfrm tired one. haha.. best of all out of 150+ people running the 2.4km run, i got the #20 spot. wah!!! so proud of myself. hahahaha.. i would like to thank the SAF coz they train me up till i can pass my 2.4km run. standing broad jump and pull up i still zero but nvrmind, slowly sure can one. haha.. i've also gotten my rifle n i named her BABY KATALINA!!! n i've learn how to strip n clean her. wahhhhh....

sometimes me n my frens go crazy during exercises. sometimes too crazy until kena punish. that part not so nice la. haha.. my most favourite activity is the route march where we have to carry our stuffs n walk for 4km. the last walk will be 24km but that one later near POP then we'll do it. since i like walking, i find it very fun but there are those who pancit already so must help them. haha.. n oh my next 2 most favourite activity is also lunch and sleeping time. ^__^

n oh, we sometimes get ice cream, chicken rice, briyani for lunch. super power! n there's alot of super big bugs in tekong. some the size like nearing a packet of tissue like that. but i don't dare touch skali fly at my face confirm i scream like girl one. haha

well that's all for it, i wanna go bath, draw n sleep. tmw i'm going jamming!!! n when i enterd ns, i've received invitations to join a few art websites n invitation to participate in an exhibition n book project. urgh!!!! why before ns all this never come to me?????? i scared i got no time to do all of those. why? WHY?? WHY???????????????????????? last time i got soooooo much free time then dun have this time of things. haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... just my luck.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

a month later

i had eventually been called for ns on 25th feb but i didn't tell anyone abt it. well, maybe 1 or 2 ppl only bt then those 1 or 2 ppl tell 2 or 4 ppl then everyone knows already la basically. haha.. i'm serving my 19weeks bmt at pulau tekong. wow! so every week when it's time to book in i have to go pasir ris, take a bus to the jetty then take the ferry to tekong. powder. haha

sooo, last thursday in one of the bunks me n my platoon mates celebrated our 1 month anniversary inside tekong. partttyyy!!! but then the next day kena scold coz never march properly as well as other stuff. shit. haha.. but it's all ok yo. i really find it weird coz when i'm outside u ask me to run 6 rounds around the stadium i pancit already but inside i can still tahan n i can still even sing while running. amazing facts! (Y)

maybe its all because everyone is doing it together. the most important thing is teamwork while you're on bmt. encourage one another. its fun too coz everyone will try their best even though we can't do it. n sometimes all of us will just become crazy coz we kena pump like siaow. haha

annnddd the best part is i've lost alot of weight! when i first got enlisted i was 95kg, yesterday i weight it was 88kg!!! oh my dog. no need to waste money on exercise machine or gym. just follow the routine n i can lose like that. haha.. i wonder how much i'll weight by the end of 19 weeks. maybe 70+ kg??? but later i'll look super thin sia. i dun like. i like to become big, like big show. haha

and in my platoon there are mat rocks too! \m/ as well as comic freak like me! n also people who like to draw! wow! all have. haha.. well, till here only my updates. till i see u guys again with more interesting stories, chow sinchi!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


yesterday i went to work,
yesterday i cwee girls walking outside my workplace.

yesterday zul, a colleague of mine asked me to help him buy drink,
yesterday i did that & i got a packet of milo ice for free yo!

yesterday after work i went to bras basah library to return books,
yesterday i saw the books drop via the camera at the 24hour bookdrop, nice!

yesterday after returning the books i walked to city hall,
yesterday i took a train from city hall to novena.

yesterday i met my bestfriend, talissa at novena,
yesterday she wanted to treat me lunch as i'd help her with something, thanks lissa for the treat!

yesterday i had lunch at novena shopping centre's kfc,
yesterday i ate zinger burger. ^__^

yesterday after filling my stomach i bid goodbye to talissa,
yesterday i suddenly got stomacache. -___-"

yesterday i went back to novena shopping centre toilet after lunch,
yesterday i pangsai there. woohoo!!!

yesterday after pangsai-ing i took a bus to nafa,
yesterday i met kana, amanda, jianming, wira, sivam n joel at nafa.

yesterday after meeting those folks we went jamming at nafa,
yesterday was the first time i jammed after so long.

yesterday i jammed for free at nafa,
yesterday i showed kanapathy how to hardcore dance during a breakdown & some drumming techniques.

yesterday i jammed the song the kill by 30seconds to mars & misery business by paramore. -__-",
yesterday i found out that small cymbals are cute.

yesterday after jamming me, amanda, wira n kana went to play L4D2,
yesterday was our day to distress.

yesterday after playing campaign mode we played versus mode,
yesterday we versus with other people, damn awesome!

yesterday after playing L4D2 we went to plaza singapura macdonalds,
yesterday i shared money with kana to get ourselves a macdonalds chocolate milkshake.

yesterday we bid goodbye after eating macdonalds,
yesterday can be said is like one of the few times i reach home at 9pm.

yesterday was fun and i enjoy myself, lot's of laughter too.
yesterday was also the day where it was well spent.

yesterday is really nice, i like it.
i hope everyday is like yesterday. ((:

well, actually this post is about 17 feb 2010 which is like 1hour and 7mins ago. now is 1.07am so ya lor. haha.. chow sinchiii!

Monday, February 15, 2010


before i start talking about this post, i just wanna say i have a new band. look at the pic above, the members are rizal (leftest) on harmonica, azmy (middlelest) on kompangs n triangles and me (rightest) on ukulele. our band name is Mouse not Muse ya. n we will be playing songs such as di tanjong katong, gali-gali-gali lobang, enjit-enjit semut and others. hahahahahahahaha

kk, cut the funsense. last sat, 13th Feb 2010, me n some frens went to azmy's sister's birthday chalet at east coast park. we're suppose to have picnic on that day with other classmates but, shit happens. haha.. luckily there's plan B. ^___^

so yeah there was only me, yaqin, bani, rizal n of course azmy who stayed overnight. haikal joined us later on. shah stayed for awhile then went back home. although there were only 6 people, we had alot to talk about. n i learn some new things too. power terima!!!

there's not much too talk about. just the usual stuff we do at chalet, sit down, eat n drink till stomach cannot take anymore, then talk crap till morning, take the first bus home n zzzzzzzzzz... haha.. enjoy the pictures below yo! ((:

background mcm org tgh rewang padahal chalet. haha

with bani!
da mcm kepak ayam da aku tgk ko azmy.
aik shah pn nk jadi ayam jgk? -__-

yeay! shah's n azmy's brothers! kepaks ayams! hahaha

rizal, mulut maintain. ngowo sak ko. haha

front from left to right: haikal, yaqin n bani.

back from left to right: azmy, rizal n me!

all in all i enjoyed saturday! hahaha.. walaupun aku tau tkya type aku enjoy it tapi akunya pasal la sia, blog aku. lu ada hal pe? hahahahaha

kkkkkkkkkkk, that's all for now. chow sinchi! ^___^

Thursday, February 11, 2010

not good enough

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
all those years i've been practicing,
but i know i'm still not good.

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
people have always said i'm good,
but i wanna be better.

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
some people said i'm too hard on myself sometimes,
but isn't that good? i can be better if i keep doing that. well, i guess.

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
i look at other's works, they inspire me,
but sometimes my confidence looking at their's just goes down the drain.

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
people have always ask me aren't i bored with what i do everyday?
i answered no coz i wanna be better.

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
not because i wanna be famous or rich,
i just want my creations to be famous.

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
i don't give a hook if people don't know who i am,
but i want them to know my works.

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
i don't know if i can achieve my dream,
to be the best.

i want to be better,
i want to be damn good,
but i hope someday i can,
although i know when the times come there'll be ALOOOTTT better ones.

but until that time comes,

i just want to be better & be damn good.

but can i do that?